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Bring in the cats

@er_d0s · Buy song · · Download File. If you're going to pass along just one thing to a friend today, please let that thing be BRING IN THE CATS (dot com) click the picture to embark upon THE BEST . Get a free day trial today by signing up at The Curiosity Box: ***Click \"SHOW MORE\" for links.

Sometimes you just need a fountain of cats set to rap music. HEY GRIFF, BRING IN THE CATS. Lyrics for Bring in the Cats by KW Griff. Ah Yep Ok You already know You already know what it is It's yo boy chop Hold up Griff Y'al. Everyone loves cats, right? You have to. From Lil BUB to Garfield, we've grown to appreciate these warm and cuddly animals that don't need.