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XPCE is a toolkit for developing graphical applications in Prolog and other interactive and dynamically typed languages. XPCE follows a rather unique approach. SWI-Prolog itself has no graphical capabilities and will not get them; this is to ensure that the system can easily be embedded in any type of application. We use. GUI-Builders are there to make the life of a programmer easier by reducing the learning curve, and let you create better applications faster. This page questions .

If you use SWI-Prolog, and know Qt, you could use QtCreator designer. . As for GUI in Prolog, XPCE or Qt can be used with SWI-Prolog. We shall learn to do create and edit most of the GUI components of a simple Windows program directly within the Visual Prolog IDE (Integrated. XPCE is a language independant library for GUI (Graphical User Interfaces). This manual page discusses XPCE/Prolog: the combination of a Prolog.

Does anyone know where I could get a GUI package that could be strapped onto an existing Prolog program? I am using IC-Prolog II under SunOS x. GNU Prolog is a free Prolog compiler with constraint solving over finite . CLIP - a CLP(Intervals) interpreter; CLPGUI - a graphical user interface for CLP; cTI - a. Certainly xpce wouldn't be suitable for many desktop gui systems. But those are The SWI-Prolog web app framework is very friendly. You can.