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MMTSB Tool Set: New release and updated documentation. MMTSB collaborative project featured as Journal of Molecular Biology cover. VIPERdb featured in. The MMTSB Tool Set is a collection of perl-based user-level utilities as well as programming libraries for multiscale protein structure modeling. Intended. Common applications of the MMTSB toolset ยท Helpful hints for using the MMTSB toolset in projects. Commands. Structure preparation.

Usage. usage: [options] [files] options: [-n runs] [-par initruns=value, equilruns=value, [no]save,savebestfreq=value,archive ensmode=add|replace. Usage. usage: [options] PDBfile options: [-restart filename] [- enerout file] [-trajout file] [-restout file] [-final pdb] [-crdout file] [-nochain] [-elog file] . Usage. usage: [options] [PDBfile] options: [-center] [-translate dx dy dz ] [-orient] [-rotate m11 m12 m13 m21 m22 m23 m31 m32 m33] [-rotatex phi].

In the following steps of the tutorial, we will use the MMTSB tools to solvate our minimized peptide. First we'll add solvent and ions to the system. Then we'll. We describe the Multiscale Modeling Tools for Structural Biology (MMTSB) Tool Set (, which is a novel set. Dear All, The MMTSB forum was initiated by Michael Feig in order to provide a platform to discuss the MMTSB Tool Set. MD simulation of a coarse-grained system, Go model. This tutorial also covers the system generation using MMTSB Web Service.