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Forum · Store · FAQ · Extras · Cast · Archive · Latest. Blogosearch. Search blog titles, posts, and comic titles too! Some Stuff That Was Said. You kids like them. 8-Bit Theater is a completed sprite comic created by Brian Clevinger, and published in 1, episodes from March 2, to June 1, The webcomic is  Creation - Characters - Plot - Reception. 29 Jun - 5 min - Uploaded by tanx20 ericwickens.com Go there now and you can read all the 8-bit comics which.

— Black Mage and Red Mage, summing up the comic. 8-Bit Theater is a Spite er, Sprite Comic by Brian Clevinger that ran from to At various points over the years, the comic also featured Character Blogs/Fourth Wall Mail Slots for Red Mage and Evil Princess Sara. 8-Bit Theater is a sprite based webcomic written by Brian Clevinger and loosely based on the original Final Fantasy. The story follows the Four Light Warriors. The popular web comic, in animated form! 8-bit Theater 1. by TLF. 8-bit Theater Animated. Movie: 1,, Views: (Everyone) · 8-bit Theater 2. by TLF.

8-Bit Theater is a classic online sprite web comic that parodies both the NES video game Final Fantasy and also wider role-playing game stereotypes using 8- bit. Once a great online web comic that was perhaps one of the best available during its peak, this comic has since seen a steady decline in quality. Common.